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2016 Honda HRV Review

If a small Crossover is what you’re looking for, you need to go drive the HRV before you make any impulsive decisions. Because in this segment, nearly ALL of the different brand’s/model’s exterior designs tend to be pretty lovable & attention-hogging. Kinda like a puppy at a pet store – the last one that jumped in your lap is the one you want to take home. That’s one of the main reasons this segment is gaining such popularity. Cars like the HRV, CX-3, Renegade, Soul, and even Juke are quirky-cool. Carefree. And they each shine in their own way....

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2016 Honda Civic Coupe Review

Honda enthusiasts have been let down for years, because the Civic had become just an appliance (excluding the SIs). Throughout the Civic’s prior history & DNA – sure – it had always been a sensible, reliable, & economical car. But it was ALSO nimble, fun, and it was full of clever little tricks that made it greater than the sum of its parts. Civics had a way of grabbing your heart. And gave you a low cost of driving, with a high reward & satisfaction. That was the formula that worked. And somewhere on this side of the 21st...

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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander GT

With the way that Mitsubishi has fallen off the map, I was really hoping for more from this 2016 Outlander GT. They have been marketing the new Outlander GT heavily on TV, and I thought, “Hmmmm maybe this is the beginning of a bold & calculated comeback.” I wanted that to be the case. But it’s not. The car isn’t bad. But it’s just not innovative. Past that big chrome-swooped bumper, there’s nothing exciting that you get with the Outlander GT… that you wouldn’t get with any other car. No interior accents or tech-tricks, no revolutionizing ‘something or other’. It feels...

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2016 Mazda3 Review

  OK – honest thoughts on the 2016 Mazda3 5-door: It’s a good car. The shape/design of the 5-door is understatedly sophisticated & slick compared to previous generations. It portrays a sense of motion, even when sitting still. The design is more interesting than you might initially give it credit for… just passing by one on the road. Design cues get better & better the longer you look at it, or walk around it. And is looks especially sharp with the sporty optional aero package ($1700 add-on). The suspension feels comfortable cruising down the road. But it’s also tight,...

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2016 Camaro SS review

  Look I’m going to be candid here – and criticize my own team. Before I drove the 2015 Mustang GT, I was not a Mustang guy. Before I drove this 2016 Camaro SS, I was definitely not a Camaro guy. I’ve grown up around imports, and until this point, I would have never seriously considered a Camaro/Mustang. But after spending time behind the wheel of these two rivals… these have become the two cars that I now stack up all imports against. And to be honest, most of those imports are coming up embarrassingly short & stale.  ...

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