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Is It In You? – Rutledge Wood’s TRD Pro Toyota Tundra

When you hear the name Rutledge Wood, you think of that funny, fast-driving, good-lookin’ guy from Top Gear USA. And then you think about Rut. !Zing! But for real. A car guy since forever, you could pretty safely say that Rut’s living the dream… proving that nice guys can still make it happen. Nascar, Top Gear USA, Lost in Transmission, and most recently, the Summer Olympics in Rio. There’s no question that Rut has been very lucky AND blessed… AND also probably very calculated & strategic along the way. Because one thing I’ve always admired about Rut… is that...

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Transition 2 Fun featuring Nate Hamilton of Enjuku Racing

If you ask me, I believe that drifting was never supposed to be a competition, competitive, of course, but not a competition. In wheel-to-wheel racing, somebody crosses the finish line first. In soccer, the ball either did or did not get past the goalie. But with drifting, sometimes there is no indisputable winner. Call it a sport, call it an art, or just call it a lifestyle. But whatever you call it, drifting is at its best & most pure when it’s done with teammates… not opponents. But like any underground movement that starts a swell (the early years...

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Gridlife Midwest 2016

Gridlife Midwest 2016 at Gingerman Raceway just wrapped up and based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re super excited for their South event down here at Road Atlanta in August! If you don’t know, Gridlife is a one of a kind festival combining the cultures of motorsports and music into one kick-ass experience. Imagine car shows, drifting, and track battles during the day, and a giant music festival at night… all in one location. Oh, and it lasts 3 days. Sound neat? Yeah, that’s Gridlife. Check out the rad recap video from the Gridlife Midwest 2016 event below...

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D2 RS Series Coilover Suspension Kit

Man, they should’ve named the RS coilovers – the R2’s. That way, you could say you had a set of R2D2’s on your car. Wahh??? I’m not even a Star Wars guy… but that’s just marketing gold haha – sorta. Aaaaanyway – the RS Series suspension kit is D2’s most popular setup. Featuring a 36-way damping and rebound adjustable monotube design, RS Series coilovers are perfect for the street car that also sees some track days. This coilover has separate height & preload adjustments, allowing for optimal suspension tuning while maintaining strut travel at all times. Available in over...

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Trail Rated – Porsche 911 Safari

There’s nothing worse than a try-hard. You know the type – perfectly distressed jeans, immaculate bolt-on over-fenders, sticker bombed panels that took 18 hours and a committee to create. They start by trying to portray an image of ‘no care’, but fly right past that point to end up right where most people start – spending a lot to get noticed. That’s where this 911 comes in. The car’s owner: has a job. The specifics of which, we do not know. What we do know is that he likes hunting, adventures, and Porsches. The car’s builder, Kelly Moss Motorsports:...

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