This is a truly independent magazine.  Please realize that a lot of magazines out there are NOT independent.  They are operated under the safe umbrella of a much larger corporation.  It’s an efficient way to produce a magazine, but it’s like finding out that your favorite musician doesn’t write any of his/her own songs.  Corporate mags are the product of decisions made at the top by execs who are not enthusiasts.  Independent mags are the real deal.  They’re fueled by grit, honestly, and passion, and chaos.  It’s how you WANT your favorite magazine to be run.  It’s what you picture in your head, when you picture what it’d be like to work at a magazine.  With S3, these titles listed below are just ‘titles’.  But in reality, we all step up, cross boundaries, trade nametags, and do whatever needs to be done in order to get the next issue out.


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    Jonathan Wooley

    Wooley is ‘the voice’ of the magazine… the head editor.
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    Mike Sanders

    Director of Advertising
    Mike works with the advertisers to rally financial support for each new issue.
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    Yousef Alvi

    Director of Operations
    Yousef is one the longest-tenured members of the S3 staff. Responsible for New Car Reviews along with keeping us organized and balanced out. GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate
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    Guy Haynie

    Art Director
    Guy oversees the artistic design & physical layout of the magazine.
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  • cody-wellons

    Cody Wellons

    Cody is another one of those designers (see Alex Grant’s description). He and Alex split up a lot of the feature designs in any given issue.
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  • alexander-grant

    Alexander Grant

    Alex has an amazing eye for quality & detail... both in his design work, and in his own car & bike builds.
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    Joe Coville

    Web Editor
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  • ross-huber

    Ross Huber

    He’s still called ‘Ross the Intern’… even though he’s been around for a couple of years now.
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  • Adam Jabaay

    • Rutledge Wood

      • Josh Kelderman

        • Jason Fouts

          • Matt Magnino

            Photographer - Chicago
            • Aleksey Royt

              Photographer - L.A.
              • Danny Tang

                Photographer - S.C.
                • Lafa Britto

                  Photographer - Florida
                  • Kevin Spanier

                    Photographer - Kentucky
                    • Logan Warfield

                      Photographer - PA
                      • Luis “Pancake” Villalobos

                        Photographer - Chicago
                        • Greg “Glock Photo” Szoda

                          Photographer - IL