Enkei TSP-5 Tuning Wheels

This is the Enkei TSP-5. It’s a fork off the RPF1, with the same successful design elements centered around stiffness, and lightweight construction… except a bit more chiseled. They’re made using Enkei’s MAT Technology, which is a sweet-spot hybrid between casting & forging. The wheels are spun at high speed during the early production process, causing the metal to ‘flow’ to the outer perimeters. The result is a stronger, lighter wheel without the expense of a full-out forging process, and without the porosity that can result from casting. These are currently available across 17 & 18” diameters, and currently...

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D2 RS Series Coilover Suspension Kit

Man, they should’ve named the RS coilovers – the R2’s. That way, you could say you had a set of R2D2’s on your car. Wahh??? I’m not even a Star Wars guy… but that’s just marketing gold haha – sorta. Aaaaanyway – the RS Series suspension kit is D2’s most popular setup. Featuring a 36-way damping and rebound adjustable monotube design, RS Series coilovers are perfect for the street car that also sees some track days. This coilover has separate height & preload adjustments, allowing for optimal suspension tuning while maintaining strut travel at all times. Available in over...

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AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Controllers

Why Response Time Matters Deadtime is the delay between actual exhaust gas composition changes – and when that change is reported by the O2 sensor. While flow of exhaust gases (transport delay) can affect deadtime, it is not the only source. Often, the sensing element’s response to the gas is the largest contributor to deadtime when an engine is in high RPM under load. When tuning an engine using wideband AFR feedback control on an inertia dyno – deadtime affects the data you are looking at, because it is reported in a different operating location than when it ACTUALLY...

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Android Auto / Apple CarPlay…you need this!

This is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  It’s the single most important thing to happen to infotainment since the advent of GPS and streaming media.  Why do you ask?  Simple.  Car manufactures royally suck at making infotainment rigs.  We all have felt it.  They are slow, cumbersome, maddeningly frustrating and in all cases…simple voice commands are an utter pain in the ass.  Do you know why?  Because they are always behind the times. Think about it.  You swap out your phone once year or so.  That steady upgrade in technology is innate in us.  We expect and get the newest,...

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