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This world of professional top-tier drifting is an increasingly corporatized sport. The question is, how do you mesh the roots culture of drifting – which at its core is so anti-establishment, rebellious, illegal, and anti-corporate…how do you mesh that , with the growing ‘organization’ & corporate influence settling in the great sport of professional drifting?

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Front- ENKEI RPF1’s 17×9.5
Rear- ENKEI RPF1’s 18×9.5

LS2 / LS6 motor built by LG MotorSports
T-56 6-speed transmission
ACT Clutch

Stance coilovers
Rocket Bunny Aero

BlueMedia out of Arizona wrapped the car. This
was our way to bring skateboarding and drifting
together! We have a purple woodgrain base with
our 80’s / 90’s logos over the woodgrain. Just
apositive fun vibe for the car in 2012.


Author: s3mag

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