The BMW M4 is the quintessential sports car.  Well it just got a whole lot better.  Introducing the BMW M4 GTS.  This track ready beast comes from the factory with water injection boosting power to 493 horsepower and 442 ft/lbs of that sweet torque!  Why go water injection?  This is a quote from BMW below:

“The 2016 BMW M4 GTS is the first production road car to be fitted with a trailblazing water injection system. With this arrangement, the BMW M engineers have utilized the principle that water absorbs heat from the surrounding air when it changes phases. Water is injected as a fine spray into the intake manifold plenum chamber where it evaporates (phase change), significantly lowering the temperature of the intake air. This action reduces the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber, minimizes the risk of knock and allows the turbocharged engine to operate with higher boost pressure and advanced spark timing. The result is increased power and torque, and a substantial improvement in efficiency. Despite the extra power output, thermal stress on all performance-related components is reduced. All of these features ultimately help to diminish wear and prolong engine life.”

It also comes with a three way adjustable suspension from the factory!  Check out the pics below:



M4 GTS bmw

M4 GTS rolling

m4 gts rims

m4 gts wheel

m4 gts rear

bmw m4 gts