S3 Magazine is an international tuner mag based in Atlanta. We have a staff of three in the office, and then we have a bunch of friends who hang out, help out, take pics, design… and generally make sure everything is gravy. So even though it’s technically like three guys—maybe four—on the staff page, there are actually several more who make it happen.

We print quarterly (4 times per year).

As for the magazine, we try to make something that has some fresh cars, some fresh design style, that is printed on at least “pretty good” paper (paper costs are up so we’re not making any promises—just kidding) and that’s entertaining to read from cover to cover. If I can make you laugh out loud while you’re on the throne, I go to bed a happy man. It’s sad, but that’s how I rate my job performance. Other than that, we just try to represent the scene accurately and honestly and to keep things genuine.

Jonathan Wooley, Editor