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New wheels for Project SC300

Our buddies at Varrstoen Wheels hooked up a set of their ES 2.2.2 design (19×9.5/19×10.5) for our project SC300, can’t wait to get them on the car! Currently waiting on coilovers and tires, also debating on...

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Project S13 Teaser

Just wanted to post up a quick teaser shot of the motor that’s being prepared for our project S13 (which is currently under the knife receiving a full paint job/body work/roll cage). Stay tuned to the next issue for more...

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Introducing Project SC300

We recently came across a deal that was too good to pass up and now have a new to us 1999 Lexus SC300 in the S3 project stable. The car came to us with a pretty nice array of modifications already taken care of (500hp 1JZ with...

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Alex, one of our designers, put together a short but sweet video honoring Yousef and his MkV GTI. Note the nice KW coilovers and Enkei PF01 Wheels that make Yousef’s ride look classy.

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Need 2 cents

What do you guys think of a one-off wing like this on the gsx? Yeah it’s still real rough and jagged… but do you think it’s got potential if I finish it out?  Or should I just go with the factory wing or no...

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