Toyota stands up to EV pressure

If you’re looking for leaders who are THINKING CLEARLY about the future of the automotive industry… look no further than Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda. At a recent conference in Las Vegas, Toyoda said all the right things. He showed gumption & passion for the auto...

Lifted Subaru Impreza – Project Wagon V2

Hey you! Are you fed up with rules & regulations? Sick of all these road signs telling you what you can’t do? Tired of being surrounded by dimwits, hipsters, wokesters… and Dollar Generals with their offensive yellow bags? The problem isn’t you. It’s them... See -...

H20i Wildwood reaction

Looking at what happened during this bootleg-version of H20i in Wildwood, it's glaringly obvious that we have a severe culture problem in this country... and now it's spilling over into car culture. What we saw in Wildwood was not ‘a little disruptive,’ it was totally...

Please quit leaving your trash in street.

GM / Cruise self driving cars are well... not self driving & blocking traffic in the streets. This is honestly too dumb to write about. But luckily, The Drive took one for team & did it for us. It's cool how they're allowed to use public roads for potentially...

Welcome to Moe’s… K-swapped EK Civic Coupe

There’s a sequence of emotions to building a project car. 1) Motivation comes first, hard & fast. There are few rushes greater than getting that new project & making initial progress. 2) Next comes the anxiety of completion. The weeks & months of...

Lexus LX 600 F Sport review

Not gonna lie, the Lexus LX 600 F Sport is very amazing. And I’ll preface by saying, I wasn’t a huge fan of the last model LX. The last generation LX was very nice, and its V8 will probably outlive us all. But man it felt heavy. And while I guess that translated to a...

C8 Corvette by Rohana Wheels

It’s just about impossible to start a wheel company WITHOUT being huge car enthusiasts. Why would you? It’s not the line of work you fall into unless you care… big time. It’s a business venture that’s ultimately spawned by form, function, and passion. Another cool...

Set to Excel – 2JZ-swapped kouki 240SX

This feature isn’t about investing in cars, it’s about investing in people. Scott & Allen are the two main characters of this story. Scott Keiser grew up just trying to make ends meet. Therefore car culture unfortunately wasn’t an option for Scott as a teenager....

NTSB wants to mandate alcohol detectors & speed limiters in cars

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is lobbying to get alcohol detectors installed into every car. This is regardless of whether or not you have a DUI conviction, or whether or not you even drink at all. With modern automotive technology, sensors can now...

1965 Lotus Cortina: A 50-year daydream

This article is worth your time. Because it’s not just about some weird little 1965 Lotus Cortina… it’s about you! But 55 years ago, back in time. So let’s take it back roughly 55-years, to 1966…  In 1966, Jerry Peters was your typical middle-class teenager. BUT… he...
Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders

These are a couple of engine shots from the Good-Guys show last weekend.  They're not sport compacts... but I ...
The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: Meets the first Thursday of every month in Atlanta. Check out our full gallery here. (more…)



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