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Issue 24 Now Availalbe

Issue 24 is done printing and should be shipping to subscribers over the next week or so. If you aren’t a subscriber and would like to pick up a copy, we have copies available in our store. We have also added previews from...

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Jon Johnny Angel

Here is a quick way to tell if you’re cool. It’s not the only way but it is one quick test. Here it is: You buy aftermarket parts for a car that you don’t even own yet. Have you done it? If so, I’d like to extend my...

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Yo Corrado!

I’ve known yo for over 10 years now… and his attention to detail has always astonished me. It always has. It actually makes me feel like crap about myself haha. Because i’m just more of a “fix it with a sticker or a ziptie and...

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Rust Bucket

You’ve probably heard the people say, “With age comes wisdom”. But that’s not totally the point… It’s probably a little more accurate to say, “With experience comes wisdom”. Age has a lot to do with it, but that’s only because...

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What happens when the U.S. goes nearly a decade without an affordable, factory turbo, Japanese sports car? Or better yet, what happens when a relatively affordable, factory turbo, Japanese sports car is offered in the U.S. after...

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Counting Sheep

Things are a little bit different when you’re dealing with a Mitsubishi. With a 90s Honda, for example, the car came from the factory as kind of a minimalist car. Lightweight, agile, and bare-bones. Not a lot of bells &...

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Over The Top

Since the dawn of time, when it came to building a 4-cylinder powered true sportcompact, Detroit’s ‘Big 3’ have always fell flat on their faces. They just never quite got it. Sure we saw come mediocre attempts, but they still...

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