2017 Honda Civic 5-door SPORT review

With a Civic, you pretty much think you know what you’re gonna get. However, this ones a little bit revolutionary. The 2017 Honda Civic 5-door exceeded my expectations. I’ll run through the bullet points of what really stood out. You can get the Civic 5-door Sport, with the 1.5 TURBO engine, and the 6-SPEED transmission, for just 22.5K window sticker. That’s a sweet spot! And that INCLUDES the Sport aero package (ground effects), the center-exit exhaust tips, and the 18-inch wheels. If you’re going to use this car as a tuning platform of any sort, that’s a pretty great...

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Fiat 124 Spider Review

Step back and reconsider what you might have heard from the mainstream automotive journalists… the Fiat 124 Spider is more fun than the Mazda MX-5. And I’m at least 87% sure of that. Reality is: most old-school automotive journalists fell in love with the Miata/MX-5 28 years ago, and that love still runs deep. In other words, they’re loyal. And it doesn’t hurt/help that most of them probably race Miatas on the weekend. They love & defend the MX-5; it’s the original. I understand the loyalty, but maybe just maybe, they have blinders on a little bit. And of...

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2017 Lexus GX460 Review

2017 Lexus GX460 Exterior Interior Technology Performance Summary What we like: Commanding road presence, comfortable interior, great visibility, smooth drive-train. Best part....no annoying Lexus touchpad! Yay! What we don’t like: Passing power (or lack thereof), disconnected feeling drive-train, rear 'barn-door' take up too much space while opening 3.5 Powered by WP Review   So when I last drove the GX460, I took up to the North Georgia Mountains subjected it’s leather covered hiney to some off road abuse.  I came away utterly impressed.  It’s a mountain goat.  Unfazed by terrain, mud, rock and snow.  Just kept soldering on with...

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What?? 2017 Buick Lacrosse Review

You know those cheesy Buick commercials where people look around all astonished & impressed like, “Oh my gosh this is a Buick??” Well – it’s real life. Here’s what I took away from the 2017 Buick Lacrosse: If you (or your mom) are in the market for a nice, comfortable, luxurious sedan… something like a Lexus ES… you need to at least go drive the Lacrosse before you sign any paperwork. Just try to drive it without being badge-biased. That’s all I’m saying. Here’s why: The suspension on the 2017 Lacrosse is way above its class. It’s honestly better than it...

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2017 Kia Soul Turbo review

2017 Kia Soul! Review Exterior Interior Performance Technology Summary What we like: Exterior styling, turbo motor, dual clutch gearbox, interior comfort and space What we don’t like: No paddles for said dual clutch 4.8 Powered by WP Review The oft forgotten Kia Soul.  Trying to find affordable transportation?  Chances are this little thing is barely on your radar.  People tend to flock to the obligatory Toyota Corolla and/or Honda Civic for their basic transportation needs.  Why we have to ask ourselves?  The Soul is the perfect fit.  You want to haul 5 people in something that can actually fit 5...

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2017 Volvo S90 Review

2017 Volvo S90 Exterior Interior Performance Technology Summary What we like: Everything. Literally Everything. Maybe minus the engine note. But I fell in love with this car and now I'm depressed it is gone. What we don't like: Read above. 5.0 Powered by WP Review Let’s face it…there is no such thing a bad car nowadays.  The lowest point you can ever get in a newer car is just saying its ‘ok’ and most of the time they are just plain ‘fine’.  But every so often there is something that strays from the pack.  Something so decidedly different it...

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