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The Toyota Prius is efficient… but not much else lol. You know what though… that’s ok! Because Toyota makes cars for everybody! From exciting driver’s cars… to capable 4x4s on the other side of the lifestyle spectrum. Right down to some of the most innovative/efficient transportation on the planet… like the Toyota Prius. 

The new Prius is aesthetically intriguing… 

I hate that I like it. Toyota didn’t restrain themselves to designing within conventional boundaries; they did something new here. Something less dorky. Still pretty dorky lol… but less. And simultaneously kind of weirdly interesting & appealing. But in a modern automotive landscape where practically every car looks the same to the point of insanity, the new Prius made ya look. And it’s attracted a new kind of attention. There’s no denying that even car enthusiasts are raising an eyebrow to the new Toyota Prius. And in a way, it makes sense. Ya see…

Toyota Prius review

The smug do-gooders of the world have all moved into Teslas lol. 

Meaning, the Prius has begun to shed (some of) its original former stereotypes. Additionally, hybrids are becoming more accepted mainstream. There has even been an emerging groundswell of people pointing towards hybrids over full BEVs… sighting that hybrids are more affordable, less range-restricted, and actually more sustainable & less wasteful (w/ smaller & lighter batteries, etc). And…

At 45 miles-per-gallon average, you feel a sense of freedom go anywhere in the Prius. 

The only downside is, you have to go there’ in a Prius lol. And in truth, the Toyota Prius is not fun, not exhilarating, not rejuvenating, and it’s not anything that’s craved or memorable. It’s just an appliance. But sometimes… boring is ok.

If your top priority is efficiency, then the Toyota Prius speaks your language. But if you seek more behind the wheel… odds are you’ll be bored before your first car payment. Personally at the end of my rope, I’m gonna smile about the experiences I had… not worry about the MPGs I missed out on. But that’s the cool thing here: Toyota makes cars for ALL of us. 

2024 Prius

Driving Notes:

The seating position takes a little getting used to. So if you hop in the new Prius for a test drive & it initially feels like it doesn’t fit… give it a minute. The car is comfortable, but the aggressively raked windshield combined with the long dash & small gauge cluster might throw you off. The steering wheel feels small & low (downward sloped illusion). I can see how at a dealership, some potential buyers might nope themselves right out of it. But like I said, give yourself a minute to adjust to the new surroundings.

There is a curious part of me that wants to put wheels & a drop on the new Prius. The problem is: When a car’s only reason for existence is ‘efficiency’, then anything you do lessen that efficiency (like wider/better tires) negates its primary reason for existence. Therefore I’ll leave that to AI, renderings, & Instagrammers. 

The new Prius is not necessarily slow, but you have absolutely no reason to wanna go fast. It just feels like you’re hurting it.

Starting at $28,000, if you’re really just looking for an economical way to get from Point-A to Point-B… it’s hard to beat the value of a Toyota Prius.

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