ACT clutch

People automatically assume that the entire staff unanimously loves every car that we put into the magazine. I can totally understand how/why people would think that – but it’s not always true. One thing that we try to keep focused on, is the intricacies of the culture, and motivations/personalities behind the builds… because THAT is what supersedes all personal ‘staff’ opinions. It’s funny how we all kind of balance each other out. I myself – love gritty builds. Race cars on the street. Bright colors, big brakes, gutted interiors, fabricated parts created from necessity – all that obnoxious shit. I think that there is a lot more to a fun/quick car, than just numbers on a dyno. Mike – is all about boost & torque. No matter how many different ways you try and explain it to him… he’s still convinced that it’s impossible for a Honda to be fast, and he thinks stance is the coolest thing since HIV. Sean Bradford has a very discerning, mature eye. He’s all about the details in a build – subtle accents, fitments, and quality parts. His latest attraction is VIP… which for the life of me, I can’t understand… but I’m trying.
The point is – it’s important, for us at S3, that we focus on the ONE culture… and don’t get too caught up and/or opinionated on all the different sub-cultures within the culture. Because – it’s the TUNER culture that we’re married to. And with that… all the little sub-cultures are just her little quirky habits, that make us love her even more.

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