See what happened was… when I bought this 1965 Dodge Dart a couple weeks ago, there was a bunch of crap in the floor boards. Literally – rat crap. But like I said in the video, the price was right. Basically a 2-for-1 estate sale deal (I’ll show y’all the other car later). So I got the Dodge Dart home, and filled two 5-gallon buckets to the top with rat poop and nut shells of different varieties. Under the rat poop was the OEM carpet… which wasn’t carpet… but rubber. The rubber floor combined with all the breath-taking fecal matter apparently created the perfect compost pile to rot the floors right out from under it. It was funny/sad… as I was literally vacuuming the Dart’s floor right out of the Dart. I’d stick the shop-vac nozzle down there to suck up some poo, and it would suck up the poo AND the floor. Anyway… I went home & watched Joe Dirt, got my Mopar Spirit right… and now I’m back at it. Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride.