Has anybody ever owned just one 240? I don’t think that’s exists. It seems like people have either owned none… or 5+.

And that really says something about Nissan’s S-Chassis. Doesn’t it? So let’s give the car some credit… as ENTHUSIASTS and not just drift junkies.
I mean look – if that many people love these cars that much to keep buying ‘em over & over & over again well into their 40s… they can’t all be wrong. And the aftermarket support is as good as it gets. The thing is – a lot of us subconsciously file 240s into one bin & one bin only: drift missiles. And we can’t think outside of that stereotype. Screwy wheel fitment, mismatched body panels, and zipties keeping it all together.
Basically – JDM dirt track cars with Chevy engines. It’s cool until it becomes the norm.
But the truth is, there shouldn’t be anything strange or eyebrow-raising… about having just ‘a nice 240 street car’ lol. We don’t all need to be pro drifters. I mean look – there are only enough tire & energy drink sponsors to carry us so far lol.
Yes, Nissan’s S-chassis is a bonafide great chassis for drifting.
But it’s also a just… a great chassis. Period.
And it’s nice to see clean, survivor S-Chassis cars like this on the street. Jesus Christ can we save the street cars!

This car belongs to Nick Scugoza of South Florida.

It’s an imported Silvia… so it’s the real deal. And Nick spent a long time tracking this car down from owner to owner… before he finally had a legitimate shot at buying it. And once it finally got into Nick’s grubby little hands, it got the big-brother Nissan RB25 swap. Like so many of us, Nick loves the essence of 80s/90s boosted Japanese driver’s cars. And he tried to keep that spirit intact with original color combos, and clean-fitting JDM aero pieces. He also works to keep that essence of 80s/90s Japanese cars alive by PUTTING THE DAMN CAR ON THE DAMN STREET… and not on some crap trailer behind a Chevy truck with a Hoonigan sticker on it. He takes this thing out on sunny Florida days, gets squirrely off A1A stop lights, strikes a pose for the new crop of Forza kids… and for Nick, that’s enough.


Stock turbo and manifold, turbo elbow, stock injectors
McKinney downpipe and ISR Dual 4in blast pipes
Raw Brokerage front facing intake manifold
Q45 throttle body;
Aeromotive 340 fuel pump
McKinney motor/transmission mounts
Wiring Specialties engine/transmission harnesses
Mishimoto aluminum radiator & Nismo thermostat
Raw Brokerage upper & lower silicone radiator hoses
PBM swirl pot
Raw Brokerage intercooler piping with Mishimoto front mount intercooler
Spitfire coil packs
Chasebays power steering kit


Competition Clutch stage-5 clutch with heavy-duty pressure plate & flywheel
Viscous VLSD rear differential
Stock RB25 transmission


AEM wideband, boost gauge, and water temperature sensor
Stock ECU


Fortune Auto coilovers
Progressive front & rear adjustable sway bars
TEIN inner & outer tie rods
Aurora tension rods
SPL rear upper control arms & toe arms
Cusco front & rear strut bars
Nismo front power-brace
New bushings & balljoints


Freshly rebuilt Z32 calipers powdercoated bronze with heavy flake
Brembo drilled & slotted rotors
Hawk pads
Stainless steel lines


Advan Model 5s – 18×8 front & 18×9 rear – powdercoated bronze


OEM original two-tone
OEM K’s aero bumper & Bomex front lip
OEM Chuki sideskirts
Dorki Dori rear valances
DMAX roof & trunk spoiler
All brand new OEM brick headlights, half-&-half turn signals, corner lights
Big letter grille
OEM S13 Silvia rain visors; OEM mirror visors
Full dress up bolt engine/engine bay kit
GKTech cooling plates
UAC wiper motor cover
All new OEM door seals
Nismo fuel cap


S14 Silvia front seats
OEM rear seats
Nardi wood grain Gara3 steering wheel
Nardi shift knob
UAC cup holder (instead of ashtray)
OEM lighted key ring
OEM aluminum dead pedal
OEM S13 Silvia quarter window louvers, fully functioning

Project Mu