I was born in ’79. And when I came into this world, my dad had a Porsche – a 912. That car was one of my first memories. Then, in 1983, my dad bought an ’82 911SC. He still has that car today… 32 years later. As I grew up, he bought, built, and raced a ’64 356. While most kids were off playing soccer or t-ball, I was hanging out at the garage… & the track. Porsches have been a consistency and a companion throughout my whole life. They have been there the entire time. Yesterday, I bought my first Porsche – a ’79 911SC. -Wooley
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Bought it from an 80-year-old retired Marine fighter-pilot. A true gentleman/hero. He’s owned it since ’85. Here it was in his garage. He has every paper, service & receipt on this thing back to ’79.