Quick spin in the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid.

Whats new for the 2016?  Revised front and rear facias with the obligatory LED running lights.  The interior is now adorned with a beautiful leather lined dash in some models and improved soft touch accents.  The Hybrid model is now the most powerful and quickest in the lineup.

How is it to drive?  This is not a hot hatch trying to be a crossover.  So don’t expect it to set your pants on fire.  But do expect absurdly good gas mileage.  We averaged 33 mpg in our week of testing.  That is city and highway driving with a decidedly heavy foot.  The needle didn’t budge for the first 3 days to the point I thought it was broken.  It’s that good.

Should you get one?  Well it depends.  Do you spend most of your time stuck in traffic?   If so, then yes.  Do it immediately.  Yes gas is ‘cheap‘ now but we all know it will go up soon.  So if you’re looking to prepare for the inevitable gas crunch, while carrying your family in comfort and safety.  This is your best bet.