2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Edition.

In years past Volkswagen was known as the ‘quirky’ brand.  You want a brown diesel station wagon with a manual?  Get a VW.  You want your brown wagon with a V8?  Get a VW.  You want your hatchback in 5 different colors?  Get a VW.   Do you want a poor man’s Bentley?  Get a damn VW!  VW was the guy in the business meeting wearing pink colored Chucks because you know f*ck you.  It was the brand that gave a smiling middle finger to the rest of the automotive world.

By the turn of the new millennium the quirkiness gained a foothold in the American market and sales started to raise.  Unfortunately when their numbers rose,  some brilliant/evil people in VW’s top brass decided it was time to become ‘The World’s #1 Automaker’.  The quirkiness was quickly dropped kicked aside for mass market bars of soap with wheels.  Now instead of getting a Passat with a V8 you get a Passat the size of a bus with the interior from a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier.  Now fast forward to 2016, with Dieselgate raining down on Volkswagen Headquarters like a Biblical plague, they have squeezed out a car that harkens back to the days where quirk ran supreme.  The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Edition.

The Dune edition is a throwback and homage to the Baja Beetle from the 1960s.  It comes in this magnificent looking Gold metallic paint, 19 inch wheels, a lifted suspension, ‘skid plates’ and color matched interior.   It also comes with our beloved 1.8 turbo 4 and a slick shifting 6 speed auto.  Turbo comes on strong but the steering wheel is too big and thinly rimmed, it’s loud on the highway and the brake pedal is mushy…blah blah blah.  I DON’T CARE.  IT’S F*CKING METALLIC GOLD AND LIFTED!  You get in this car and you cannot help but smile!  It just makes you happy.  It touches the inner 8 year old in all of us and you can’t help but go ‘’Omg mommy that is cool!”  I don’t have to sell this to you.  It’s one of those cars you either get it or you don’t.  If you get it…BUY IT.  If you don’t…. well there is no hope for you in this world.

Dune Beetle

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