When we reviewed the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta SEL we weren’t really that blown away.  Yes the drivetrain was amazing but everything attached to said drivetrain was ummm ho hum at best.  The 2016 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is a different story altogether.  This is the absolute best version of the Jetta you can buy.

The 2016 GLI differs from its more plebian counterparts by a thorough reworking of almost every component.  Lowered sport suspension, ground effects kit, different front fascia with a beautiful set of headlights, 18 inch wheels, sports seats and steering wheel off the GTI along with that sweet drivetrain.  Add that all together you get a completely different vehicle.  The 2016 GLI looks every part of a euro sports sedan that it aims to be.  It’s sophisticated, elegant and purposeful.

Whereas the various Jetta trims drive ‘ok’ the GLI dials up the fun factor a few notches.  This is not a GTI but roadholding is much improved along with braking and overall chassis feel.  The steering is still vague but it is more direct and the drivetrain is smooth as butter and full of that torquey goodness.

GLI Engine

Here is the thing with the GLI, it’s the Civic sedan of the German world.  You can buy it and just keep that way for years and enjoy every minute of it.  Or you can modify every square inch of it to your heart’s content.  Anything and everything can be done to the GLI.  You want 500whp?  Done.  You want a track monster that will out handle your friend’s BMW?  Done.  Or do you just want dat VIP lyfe?  DONE.

So overall if you’re looking for a sedan with some personality…you cannot go wrong with the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta GLI.