Import Alliance car show


Quick spin in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited.

Whats new for the 2017? Everything.  The car completely redesigned from the inside and out.  The interior is one of the finest in it’s class and the exterior exudes an almost European aesthetic.

How is it to drive?  It’s good.  It’s not a hot hatch nor is it trying to be.  It’s comfortable, quiet and extremely fuel efficient.  We got 32 mpg in mixed driving.

Should you get one?  Yes.  We love the 2016 Honda Civic but it’s CVT is annoying.  The interior on the Elantra is amazing and the infotainment rig is one of the best out there.  The best part is you can score an absurdly good deal on one compared to it’s competitors as well.