ACT clutch

First thoughts:

Wow this 2017 Toyota Tacoma Limited in Dune looks freaking great!  Compared to the Chevy Colorado the Tacoma exudes machismo and grit in spades.  Now on to the bad.  Why can’t I fit in this damn thing??  Am I just dis-proportioned?  Nope it’s the seats.  They only offer two real adjustments…forward and back, then the backrest.  That’s it.  The seat doesn’t adjust vertically which can make long legged people like myself uncomfortable.   Okay on to the initial drive!  Y no power?  Seriously this truck has no power down low at all.

One week later:

I love this thing!  Minus the fact I can’t fit in it too well but it has grown on me.  Here is the thing.  This is a truck.  This is not a truck who is masquerading like a Cadillac.  Therefore if you drive it like one and it responds like one.  It’s great!  It’s quiet, looks mean, controls are easy to use and once you figure out that all the passing power is above 4k RPM…it’s pretty quick.  The available 3.5 V6 actually has old school variable valve timing (aka Veetak)…so it’s an absolute screamer once it hits that second cam.  Also it’s a Tacoma…so purchasing one is actually an investment.  The Tacoma has one of the best resale values on the planet.  So you got two choices.  You buy one and you can either drive until the end of time (woo reliability) or you swap it out after 10 years and get majority of your money back!  So to sum up the 2017 Toyota Tacoma Limited: You can never ever go wrong with a Tacoma.