Simplicity in it’s rawest form.  That’s what the 2017 Toyota Tundra is all about.  It’s the ultimate Throwback Thursday.  When a truck would mean a big V8, big doors, big presence and a big exhaust.  When modern doodads take away from the experience rather than make the experience.  This is the ultimate expression of the Tundra.

On paper the Tundra’s competitors offer more amenities, better gas mileage, and better creature comforts.  But there is something elemental about the Tundra, especially with the TRD laden goodies like our tester, which no other truck can come close to.  Something that tugs at the inner beast in all of us that is almost indescribable…it just makes you feel special.

Most of that sensation is due to the TRD exhaust.  The inner 9 year old in you whispers  ‘’just floor it…do it.’’ And then the truck screams, bucks and roars to life like you stabbed a rabid lion.  You cannot help but laugh hysterically each and every time. Then when you come back to your senses it quiets back down to a mellow almost melodic burble.   But then you get bored and stab the throttle once more and frighten anyone within a 30 square mile radius.

Unfortunately with all that stabbing has a severe detriment to your overall MPG.  We accomplished 11.8 in the city and 15 on the highway.  Let’s face it…that ain’t great folks.  With modern trucks pushing 20+ on the highway and 17+ in the city…it’s just not good.  The Tundra also lacks keyless go, push button start, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and a host of other features found in other trucks.


The brings about the following.  Why would you purchase the Tundra?  Because the fact it’s not perfect makes it almost perfect.  It gives the Tundra some nuance and character.  The way the Tundra drives and the way it makes you feel cannot be touched.  That purchasing the Tundra will be a purchase of emotion rather than logic.  I’ll put it this way.  Just go to your nearest Toyota dealership…start one up (with the TRD exhaust)…and just rev the engine once.  I promise you…it will make sense then.