Let’s face it…there is no such thing a bad car nowadays.  The lowest point you can ever get in a newer car is just saying its ‘ok’ and most of the time they are just plain ‘fine’.  But every so often there is something that strays from the pack.  Something so decidedly different it changes how you approach a certain line of cars.  That car for me was the 2017 Volvo S90.


The S90 reminds of an Apple product.  Wait wait wait.  Android bros don’t start yelling at me.  It’s a compliment.  With Apple their product philosophy is simple.  Design and Engineering work hand in hand.  Hence why there products look fantastic and perform admirably, you can see the same type of philosophy bleed through in the S90.

It’s a strikingly beautiful thing to behold on the outside but the interior will make your heart skip a beat.  The interior treatment is very Bentley-esque and that is no coincidence.  Bentley’s interior Design Chief landed a job at Volvo back in 2013 and his influence is palpable in the S90.  I’ll sum up the interior this way…it is one of the best cars I have ever sat in.  Period.

The T6 model we were given comes with the twin charged 4 cylinder found in the XC60 we reviewed earlier and the motor is still an amazing piece of work.  Making the same 316 horsepower and 295 ft/lbs of torque all while delivering 21.6 mpg in mixed driving.  In the S90 it feels more authoritative off the line and around town it’s genuinely fun to drive.  I wish it came with some paddles for the steering wheel but other than that I have no complaints on the drivetrain.  There is one small caveat regarding the engine note.  Some people complained that doesn’t sound like a $60,000 car but I had no problem with it…so those people suck.

Volvo came back from the ashes of the carpocalypse with renewed energy, vigor and huge cash infusion thanks to Geely.  They are not going anywhere and with the S90 leading the brand…they’re genuine players in the luxury car domain.  To quote our fearful leader Wooley:  “Go with a brand that has something to prove.”

So how do I sum up this car?  I would buy one in a heartbeat.  How about that for a ringing endorsement?


But I’m poor…so umm Volvo USA.  How you doing?

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