2018 Genesis G90

Price:  $72,825

Horsepower: 420

Torque: 383 ft/lbs

Transmission:  8 Speed auto

Engine:  5.0 V8

MPG: 16/24

Genesis is to Lexus like Hyundai is to Toyota.  I started this off with a SAT question just for the internet trolls out there.  Look it took Lexus years to overcome it’s image of just being a fancy Toyota.  The same will happen for Genesis.  Will it take just as long?  Judging by the 2018 Genesis G90…nope.

The 2018 Genesis G90 is quite literally genesis for the brand.  Yes they have the G80 which has been around for a few years now but this is their first truly independently engineered and badged vehicle.  They had to get this right and whoa did they.  Now most Korean cars have a very nicely done interior…they just lack some type of depth to them.  A lack of substance behind the switch gears that makes the cabin experience feel bit hollow.  Now that has changed with the G90.  Everything is of substance and quality.  Everything feels expensive…because it is.  This G90 is over $72,000.

Now compared to it’s competitors it’s a bargain!  Whereas their vehicles start around $90,000 the $72,000 G90 has everything you would ever need.  The 5.0 liter V8 makes prodigious silky smooth power, the transmission is seamless and you can also get AWD.  Checking the V8 option also gets you every single factory option available.  So unlike other makes (ahem BMW) where you are presented an option list the length of your house.  The G90 aims to make your life decisions just a bit easier.

So how is the driving experience?  Serene.  That’s the most apt way to explain it.  Everything is fluid, smooth and effortless.  The ride is beautifully controlled, the seats are beyond excellent and the noise…well there isn’t any.  This is one of the quietest cars I have ever been in.  It just glides down the road in a manner suited for cars that costs tens of thousands of dollars more.

Now the most infuriating part of any new car is it’s infotainment system.  The further you move up the price bracket the worst the system is.  Now the G90 is the exception to the rule.  It’s infotainment system is extremely use to use, beautifully rendered and precise.  You have a simple knob to control the menus, the voice activation works extremely well and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Compared to Lexus Entune, BMW iDrive and Mercedes COMAND…this is the best out there.

Which is a good way to wrap up the review.  The 2018 Genesis G90 is a strong debut for the brand Genesis.  If they keep rolling out cars with this level of craftsmanship, power and luxury…the other brands should be worried.