The most frustrating thing for me as a mag editor (please go subscribe 😀) is that I know beyond all doubt: If I could just put each of your smiling faces in this car & let you run it up the block & back… it would change the entire landscape of tuner culture. Snap, just like that. A new revolution.  

Because with a scrappy little Fiesta ST like this, you have to experience it. There’s no other way. 

And sadly, digital-age tuners have turned into a group where they KNOW more than ever, but they’ve EXPERIENCED surprisingly little. They like, they follow, they research, they read statistics, and they join groups. But in a lot of cases – they don’t go out & experience for themselves. 

Jst Performance tuned Fiesta ST

And bottom line: This is a lot like love. Meaning, you won’t know what it is, until you’ve been in it. Sure – you can get the smart phone apps. You can join Match, E-Harmony, or even Tinder… and you’ll see lots of pretty photos. But your goofy ass still won’t know what love is. 

As we get older, and as we wake up to digitally-saturated times, we start to reminisce & get nostalgic for the analog toys of our youth. Like – how many of us wish that we could go back & buy new import cars from the ‘90s…

Well – THIS IS THAT CAR!! Literally staring you in the face, only we’re 20 years into the FUUUTURE!! 

lowered Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST is such a hilariously quick, maneuverable, gimmick-free, pure driver’s car!! 

And usually when a car hits all these sweet spots, most of us can’t afford it. But the FiST is literally like THE best deal ever – new OR used. It costs as much now (actually less), than a new Integra GSR did 20 years ago. And – it makes more power. And – it weighs the same. Oh and – it just LOVES the aftermarket.

 turbo Fiesta ST

Anthony Freeman has wasted no time throwing mods at his little party animal. Under the hood, Anthony’s got the internally-stock 1.6 Ecoboost, with a Garrett GTX2863R, tuned by Brian Tyson (of JST Performance) on a Cobb Accessport V3, with a Stratified auxiliary fuel. That’s your meat & potatoes right there. 

With the 2863R, the car takes a little longer to spool. But when it does, it really unleashes itself, making 348whp & 322wtq. The slight lag/ease into boost actually works out pretty well on the street, as it allows the car to hold traction, and pull hard past redline. 

The open TIAL blow-off valve & wastegate will make you laugh with amusement, and make bystanders spit up their Starbucks. Real, wild in-your-face tuner stuff. 

The Boomba short-throw shifter combined with a full set of solid motor mounts make for a very grabby/engaging, visceral experience. Especially with the 3” turbo-back exhaust to notch-up the senses. 

Modified Fiesta ST

And the ST Suspension XTA coilovers + Eibach sway bars perform very smoothly & predictably when pushed & zig-zagged, even at Anthony’s substantially/aggressively lowered ride height. 

Compomotive M05 Fiesta ST

Ford has royally screwed the pooch by killing the Focus/Fiesta ST line in America. So if you want a clean/new Fiesta ST… better get one soon. 

Text by Wooley.  Photos by Jonathan Walker


ST Suspension coilovers 

Eibach front & rear sway bars

Compomotive M05 wheels – 17×8 

Falken Azenis tires (205/40) 

ARP 3-inch lug studs 



Cobb Accessport v3 

JST Performance custom tune (Brian Tyson) 

-348whp/322trq @31psi 

Garrett GTX2863r turbo with TIAL sport turbine housing 

Custom tubular header 

Custom 3″ downpipe 

MBRP 3″ catback exhaust (with Magnaflow muffler) 

2jRacing 3″ cowl induction intake 

Deadhook Motorsports crash bar & intercooler 

TIAL Sport 50mm blow off valve 

TIAL Sport MVR 38mm wastegate 

MAPerformance charge pipes (intercooler piping) 

Cobb Tuning rear motor mount (a must have!)

Turbo Tech Racing engine & trans mount 

Boomba Racing oil catch can 

Boomba Racing short throw shifter (complete) 



Boomba Racing wing risers 

Maxton Design wing extender 

Maxton Design chin spoiler  

ACT clutch