There are some Ford Mustang design sketches that were released along with the new 7th generation Ford Mustang reveal. Concepts & key design cues, etc. But amongst those sketches, is a 4-door Mustang that looks pretty damn doable actually!

I mean let’s be real: Ford threw ‘legacy’ in the trash when they made the Mustang Mach E. But a 4-door Mustang with the new Coyote V8 and a manual transmission??? That would honesty be a REAL option for a lot of rad moms & dads out there. More like a wide open lane than a disgrace. And if done properly with a slick, low-profile silhouette (like this sketch), I don’t think it would sacrifice much of the original Mustang DNA at all. This might be a low blow to some of y’all… but a 4-door S650 Mustang GT with a manual transmission would be more of a driver’s car than a GT coupe with a sissy 10-speed auto. Deep down you know it’s true lol. At least you should. But in all seriousness, a 4-door S650 GT would hit a real void in the market these days.

• A driver’s sport sedan with a manual transmission.

• Starting under $50,000.

• Easy to wrench on.

• Americana muscle/pony vibes.

• More agile than a Charger.

• Less douchey than a BMW or Porsche sedan. And less expensive. With better resale value.

• And did I mention… a manual transmission? This has to have a manual option, or no dice.


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