Import Alliance car show

Stealing cars is bad mmmkay. But at a Gone in 60 Seconds’ level, you gotta admit this is pretty slick. Check out the surveillance video below:

A total of SIX Hellcats were stolen in 45 seconds…

That’s about 600-grand in total. The location was at a dealership in Kentucky. And based on the thieves’ knowledge of the dealership layout & security system, the general manager thinks this was an inside job in some way. Half of the Hellcats did not fare well. Apparently one was a total loss, and two were damaged pretty substantially (I can relate; IYKYK). According to Jalopnik, 1 or 2 of the Hellcats were found all the way across state lines. So it appears the main motive was maybe just – one helluva joyride? Unless the plan went south & the thieves were forced to split-up & scramble. But seeing how synchronized the theft & rollout was… it’s hard to imagine they didn’t have a plan. I mean heck – they were gone a full 15-seconds before the actual full alarm was even triggered… leaving nothing but an empty room with sad balloons.

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