Import Alliance car show

I saw a meme that got me a little triggered. And admittedly, while I can certainly appreciate some of the truth to it… I also think “you can’t have it both ways”. Fact – your parents and grandparents were not driving around in cars that practically drove themselves – with infotainment screens & bluetooth & navigation & backup cameras & auto-everything with auto/dual climate & remote start & turbochargers & traction control & 400+hp with 10-speeds & 12-way electronically adjustable seats that warm your buns, etc. Also – the government largely stayed out of their damn way & didn’t over-regulate every industry… running up the cost & unnecessarily overcomplicating products. Our elders lived a simpler, more affordable life. Today – we have the option to complicate our lifestyles a lot more. We’re practically corralled into it. And often times, we jump at that option… so long as we think we can manage the monthly payments.

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