There’s an article on Jalopnik where a British writer recently came to America & just couldn’t believe the size of our giant……. trucks. The article was a bit shaming, using words like ‘rugged individualism’ in a country where “driving is a personal expression of freedom.”

Ummm thanks Sherlock Holmes… 

OF COURSE driving is an expression of freedom & individuality in this country. It always has been… just like our gun collections. Spoiler alert: they’re big too. And with all due respect, if history is any indication, I don’t think Americans really give a shit what British people think lol. This trend of being shamed for every move you make & every thought you have… is starting to wear friction. 


The reason new full-size trucks have become the basic-bitch vehicle for American males…

And the reason why soccer-moms all drive 3-row SUVs… is a least HALF the fault of the automotive industry PLUS added challenges from our government. 1) The auto industry quit making unique and/or interesting vehicles over a generation ago. They pushed convenience, connectivity, crossovers, and ugly bloated designs. 2) And A LOT OF THAT was a forced response to overregulation from our government agencies. All these rules were made to “protect our safety” of course. A “safety” which Jalopnik now (correctly) argues is dangerous to smaller vehicles & pedestrians. 

vintage 4x4

Bottom Line: We reap what we sow. 

The automotive industry has made shit-boring cars for so long now… that it’s created a plague of shit-bad drivers who are distracted behind the wheels of giant vehicles. Since the dawn of this century, auto makers have routinely compromised driving dynamics to the point where it’s a dead language. The sports car is dead, the sports sedan is dead, T-tops are dead, and the manual transmission is about as rare as a yeti. Pretty much any emotional feature that naturally brings a driver’s focus to the road is unpopular. And it’s all been replaced by computers on wheels with the windows rolled up. Therefore hell… you may as well just get a truck & zone out! Because there’s damn-near nothing else worth having. $50,000 is the new average price of mediocrity. And at least the full-size truck will get your Ikea KALLAX home without having to rent… a truck. So if dudes put a lift & 37s on it to save whatever sliver of masculinity they have left… lol… let ‘em have it. 

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