So many times do we see the clear divide between a purist’s restoration vs a builder’s wild modifications. Rarely do we see the two meet so gracefully as with Andrew Schenk’s ‘86 Foxbody Mustang GT. While it may seem the best of both worlds, the reality is, it’s a weird place to find yourself. You’re not pure enough to run with the purists & collectors, and you’re not modded enough to get the clout everyone’s chasing. But Andrew here… he couldn’t care less about what the over-the-hill car & coffee crowd thinks. Nor is he worried about the hashtag-happy kids.

black foxbody

Andrew grew up watching his father tinker with his foxbody Mustang…

When it came time for Andrew to get his own car, Mom wasn’t crazy about dad passing down the family V8. But that never discouraged his dream of owning one. After getting into the mini truck scene with a 1st gen S-10, Andrew gathered his own funds and patiently waited for the right foxbody Mustang to come along. It took about 4 years for Andrew to catch wind of this Ford Mustang that was almost rust free (a rare find in Indiana)

foxbody flowmasters

The foxbody Mustang is timeless & well-balanced through anything you want to push it into.

At Holley’s Intergalactic Ford Festival, it was one of the few chassis that participated in all events. We saw a wild widebody fox tackle the autocross event. There were a couple foxes drifting all weekend. And of course, you found foxbodies consistently hitting wheelies at the drag strip. That says alot about this chassis and what it’s provided to the automotive community. To me, the foxbody Mustang almost gives me a hachi-roku – meets – Americana vibe. Sort of our own take on the iconic tofu 2-door hatch. Or maybe/probably, it’s the other way around lol… because the foxbody Mustang gives you an iconic heritage, a V8 engine, and a stereo that only wants to play 80’s hair metal and old Mix-a-lot.

mustang 18x9 wheels

This ‘86 foxbody Mustang checks all the boxes when it comes to rad design features from the 80’s.

The dash is simplistic with frame plated gauges, mechanical hard-slider temperature controls, halo headrests, articulating map light, and a vehicle diagram light indicator. Most of the interior is original until you roll up the rear storage visor to reveal the RideTech AirPod and Infinity Basslink powered subwoofer. While those are obviously not stock options, they seem to fit the simple/clean theme that the interior carries from the late 80’s. 


Purist feathers begin to ruffle when the Ridetech Cool Ride lowers the body onto the 18×9 Rotiform CCVs.

The wheels actually look like the lovechild of an ‘85 SVO wheel and a ‘93 Cobra directional wheel, playing further towards the marriage of classic design & modern style. Behind those wheels are 2004 Cobra disc brakes front & rear. Under the hood, a healthy 5-liter, with it’s rare GT40 tubular intake, rumbles through the iconic Flowmaster 40 series exhaust, exiting out chrome tailpipes. Anymore 80’s and the damn thing would have eyeliner and a mullet. 

lowered foxbody mustang

Andrew’s future plans include a Procharged 427” with Holley Super Sniper EFI, a T56 Magnum drivetrain, and a Roadster Shop Fast Track Chassis.

While he has a pretty clear image of where he wants this build to go, Andrew is wise in taking it steady. He seems to patiently grow with the build and never forgets to enjoy the journey by going to events with his wife and two boys. If you want to follow Andrew’s build, check out Holley My Garage, under ANDREW’S 86MUSTANGGT – INFLATED EGO.

Text and photos by Jesuel Rivera

rotiform CCV

foxbody rear