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It’s not enough that most of us stare at an Apple computer for 12 hours a day. And it’s not enough to have an Apple iPhone in our pocket at all times nestled up close to our giblets listening to our conversations. Or… an Apple watch on our wrist monitoring our heart rate. Now Apple wants to control our car too. Hey have any of you ever seen Wall-E? Just askin’.

Back in 2014, Apple introduced Apple CarPlay…

And geeky little car consumers flocked to it like flys to sh*t. Today in 2022 – Apple CarPlay is one of the top features that car buyers prioritize when buying a new car. Whodathunkit. People don’t care about the driving experience, or how a vehicle feels, or makes them feel. And they frankly don’t care that they don’t care. All they want to know is – WILL IT LOOK JUST LIKE MY iPHONE while I drive it badly & get in people’s way?? Because the whole world needs to be a phone. It’s Linus’s security blanket. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Ask Siri.

Cadillac apple

Well, Apple understands the kind of leverage they now have over the automotive industry.

Thus Apple has created a completely new Apple CarPlay interface. And… it’s bigger!! The next generation of Apple CarPlay will no longer just display on the screen in the dash. Naaaah. Now it’ll control the instrument cluster/gauges… as well as driver controls like AC & so much more! Basically – all communications to the driver will be Apple. All or nothing. Your car will communicate to you via Apple. And since Apple knows that people are going to flock to anything Apple… they now have a super-strong leverage over the car manufacturers. The cost is high. Not only monetarily. But big picture – it is forcing the auto makers to give up more control & independence… all while having to raise prices… so that Apple can control every facet of your life. Car manufacturers are being squeezed into this ‘partnership’, or else they will undoubtedly lose major sales to competitors who proceed with Apple. And abracadabra – Apple will now control a key component of the automotive industry. Why make an Apple car, when you can be in all cars??

Note: These photos are used to get the point across, but are not necessarily going to be using the new Apple CarPlay interface.

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