Other than the hard-to-swallow price tag, I really don’t have a negative thing to say about the Audi S3. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, for a modern 2-pedal sports car… the Audi S3 was undeniably refreshing & engaging to drive. Although when I asked my little girl if I should trade it for my Fiesta ST, she quickly shouted,

“No the Fiesta’s better!”

And if you cut the BS & look at the world from a perspective without status filters, she ain’t totally wrong from a purely fun standpoint. But hey…

Audi S3

The Audi S3 rides that breaking-point 

On one hand, it’s sophisticated & age-appropriate, with top-notch design & quality both inside & out. But on the other hand… it’s a bit frickin’ rascally! Like a dog pulling on the leash, the S3 wants to be driven harder than the other cars around it. It preserves that fun-factor of a small, agile AWD performance car. The Audi S3 rides that line between maturity & immaturity… and you can take it either direction at any moment. And for that, it’s awesome.

modified Audi S3

The color helps… 

In my opinion, I believe the color of a car can really enhance the driving experience. The same car in two different colors can have two completely different moods. Like a lens or a filter. And this Turbo Blue absolutely does not piss around.

is the Audi S3 fun to drive

The Audi S3 has ‘that thing’

Where you crave driving it. At the wheel, you can feel the S3 begging for more. It wants modifications. Like there’s a hulk in there, squeezing to get out (investigate APR if you’re not already familiar.) I love a manual transmission, but… 

The twin-clutch S Tronic transmission on the Audi S3 does not disappoint… 

It’s fast, it bangs, and it talks back. And with more cars (like BMW) recently foreshadowing ditching twin-clutches for straight-up autos in the next few years… AND with EVs not having gears at all (or simulated/fake gears)… I believe the twin-clutch transmissions will prove to be a sweet-spot of their own in coming years.

Aud iS3

I guess, the only thing I’m personally not too keen on…

Is all the tech. Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche (and all the German brands) have become absolutely consumed with tech. To a fault. Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should. The bombardment of tech has become distracting, irritating, nonsensical… and it’s flat-out interfering with a pure driving experience. Audi should know better. In my opinion, the Audi S3 would be an even better car if it had less muddying infotainment & tech-related distractions. Could I live with it? Sure. Do I want to pay more for it? No. And do I need my car to notify me that “my windows are open with the AC on”? Absolutely freaking not.

Audi S3 turbo blue

Cost – about $15,000 too much lol. And even though the depreciation curve will be a Tom Petty song (shout-out to Ted Lasso), I still kinda want one. Audi advertises *from $46,800*, but I easily spec’d one out at $64,000 with the Black Optics package, Nappa leather, and red calipers.

Engine – 306hp/296tq turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder. (with lots of aftermarket potential)

Drivetrain – all-wheel-drive

Weight – 3,500lbs

0-60 – 4.5 seconds

blue Audi S3

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