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This article from MotorTrend exemplifies why mainstream automotive journalism is dead. The article is supposed to cover a flagship C8 Corvette Z06… but it barely even touches on that topic. Instead, MotorTrend lectures us on climate change. Claims are vague & short-sighted… if not fully inaccurate. And the author’s “expertise” is unqualified, guilt-tripping, and irrelevant to the subject of the Z06. The MotorTrend of today – is not the MotorTrend that the name was built on. And car culture as well as truth, is in danger with voices like this leading it. It’s time to realize that car culture has come to a head with essentially 2 options at this point: 1) Defend it, or 2) Watch it die

C8 Z06

Cars represent a spirit of freedom 

This is particularly true with sports cars & lifestyle vehicles. It’s the freedom to go anywhere, at anytime, without boundaries. Car culture has always defined itself in expression, independence, free-thinking, & nonconformity. Yet car culture never went political… UNTIL politics invaded us. Remember that. And realize that once-noble climate concerns… have mutated into an all-out politically-driven witch-hunt. 


EV agenda

This MotorTrend article is so bad & disloyal to its purpose…

It’s hard to believe it’s even real. It goes beyond ‘a respectable difference of perspective or opinion’. This is an abuse of position. MotorTrend is shoving propaganda down your throat, in places where you don’t want or expect to see it. It’s like googling a recipe for meatloaf, only to find ‘the recipe’ is an article on cow farts & how that cause climate change. 


C8 Z06


If you want authentic automotive journalism…

You’ve got to go independent at this point. As journalists, there must be a loyalty, truth, & integrity to the market you serve… and MotorTrend has lost that. FYI: MotorTrend is owned by Discovery, and Discovery is owned by Warner Brothers. 


woke media

They’re trying to put a muzzle on car culture… 

Because car culture is armed with knowledge, experience, & know-how. And that makes car culture a small but powerful roadblock to the bigger legislating agenda of controllability & conformity. Politicians, big corp, big tech, social media, and bad media – those are the REAL immediate dangers to this planet. And the way they forced this “sustainability” garbage down our throats (under lies & false pretenses)… was the worst thing they could’ve done for natural EV adoption. It created resistance instead of interest. There is a crucial difference between opinion… and deception.

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