The S2000 was ‘the Honda of all Hondas’ in Matt Jensen’s opinion.

The S2000 drove like no other, so pure-to-concept, and it’s so great in so many aspects. The funny thing is, Matt Jensen couldn’t even drive a stick when he first bought this car! Yet he took the plunge on faith & desire. And looking back… 

Bagged S2000

The thing Matt enjoyed most about owning this Honda S2000… was all of things it taught him… 

This S2000 didn’t just teach Matt to drive stick, it opened up a door… changed the direction his entire life. Matt currently owns a beautiful PPF shop, in huge part, because of this S2000 (Defense Automotive Films in Delafield, WI). This S2000 taught Matt how to work on cars. How to manage bodywork, wiring, detailing to perfection… and pretty much anything else you could imagine. He thanks his dad and grandpa so much, and everything they taught him while working on this car. Building this S2000 brought them all together. 

J's Racing S2000

Matt always told himself I’d never sell this S2000, and he truly believed that…

But as Matt ‘matured’ in automotive culture, his interests expanded and he wanted to try building new things. You can’t keep them all I guess. This S2000 was built as more of a show car obviously… it looks amazing, and it’s eternally epic to cruise around town. But now, Matt’s currently working on a 1JZ E36 BMW M3. With this M3, he still plans to carry the torch & make it aesthetically appealing in many ways.

trucked s2000

But he wants to enjoy the E36 more…

Matt wants to drift & track the E36 M3, and just drive the dogsh!t out of it… without having to stress every scrape & scratch. With this S2000, Matt felt like he always had to hold back. It was too nice, and too low, and too clean, and too ‘on the threshold’.

Brandon Deuster

Man – this bagged S2000 looks killer though doesn’t it!

Matt admits that at times, he does regret selling this car – absolutely. But not as much as he would’ve thought. He’s keeps moving forward, and is very into & excited for his current build.


S2000 engine bay


Inline Pro built motor 

Full Blown intake manifold (Powdercoated to match wheels of course) 

Powdercoated valve cover (to match brakes of course)  

Custom intake, shave plates, metal wiper cowl 

All-in-Fab tucked radiator 

Downstar dress-up bolts 

AEM V2 engine management


Volk Racing TE37V MARK II wheels

-18×10 front, 18×11 rear 

-Pirelli P Zero Nero tires sized: 235/35R18 front, 255/35R18 rear 

Air Lift Performance 3P suspension

Brembo powdercoated calipers 

APM Racing 2-piece J-hook rotors 

S2000 depot tail lights


Ford GT40-inspired vented hood 

ASM front bumper, carbon-fiber lip 

Mugen hardtop 

J’s Racing carbon-fiber rear diffuser 

JDP Engineering carbon-fiber duckbill spoiler 

Go Tuning carbon-fiber rear bumper stay 

Circuit Garage fender flares 

DEPO LED taillights 

APR carbon-fiber mirrors 

Deleted antenna and badges 

circuit garage fenders

S2000 Mugen hardtop