Weird… but Rob McCarter is basically a real-life Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift.

Rob McCarter grew up in Tennessee around American muscle. And all through high school, he was working on his ’68 Mustang in shop class. That’s real.

mustang 5.0

He picked up this foxbody Mustang as a 2nd project for $500…

It was baking in somebody’s yard with grass all grown up around it. The car was a 4-cylinder 5-speed… which he yanked out & swapped with a junkyard 5.0.  

drift mustang

After college, Rob moved to Detroit to take a job in the auto industry, where he befriended a co-worker who owned a drift car. 

“What do you mean drift?” -says Rob McCarter.

…So his co-worker took Rob to his first drift event & let him ride along.

mustang coupe

And just like that, Rob was 100% hooked on drifting.

He bought an angle kit for the foxbody Mustang, and entered the next local drift event with high hopes. Those hopes were smashed when some Drift King took his iPod….. annnnd he blew his engine on the 3rd run. It was embarrassing, but Rob stood strong, conquered obstacles, and would never tuck his tail & back down. Because he has what it takes lol.

cruising in my 5.0

Cut to the goods…

1991 Ford Mustang Foxbody 

Built junkyard 5.0 engine with a 76mm Chinese teriyaki turbo

Stock T5 transmission

Quickfuel blow-thru carburetor 

MSD programmable ignition

Built rear end with a spool & 5.14 gears

foxbody drift


Feal 441 coilovers

Detroit Drifting Co. knuckles

Steve Mass stage-3 control arms

Panhard bar and poly bushings in the rear

SSR Gartmaier 18×9 +6 front & Work VS-XX 18×11 -2 rear

Body Mods…

Maier front 3” & rear 1.5” over-fenders

Cervini cowl hood & fiberglass trunk

Cervini front & rear bumper

Saleen fiberglass wing

Wrapped in Oracal Luscious Lips vinyl

Fully polished tig welded FD-spec legal roll cage

Text by Wooley     Photos by Ty Cobb

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burn rubber

ACT clutch