I feel like this car sets some trends, and I think it’s maybe a new direction in this culture, and on its own curve.

See – for some reason, the people in the import scene are always their own worst enemy. We’re all copycats when it comes to styling… and playing out styles. A lot of it is because of the internet, and because our generation is really the first to have all of this networking and information immediately at our fingertips.

Trendsetting cars come across the Interwebs in swarms… and then within a year everyone is mocking it. Not even playing off if it; but pretty much just straight copying it. You don’t have to actually be at an event to get inspiration anymore. You’ve just got to be behind a computer every night. That’s why nothing ever has duration in this culture. The import scene has become the pop music of the automotive industry. And the shelf-life of our trends are about one season.

Cars that we would have killed to have in this mag 365 days ago – now seem a little behind… in just one short year!

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1994 Mazda RX-7

C series 20B 3-rotor
9.7:1 compression rotors from S5 non turbo RX7
Lightened, clearanced, balanced rotating assembly
NRS ceramic apex seals
Mazdacomp drysump front cover oil system
Mazdacomp race rotor bearings
Defined Autoworks streetport (Defined Autoworks is Logan’s shop)
Defined Autoworks semi periphal ports
Defined Autoworks race exhaust port
Peterson 3-gallon drysump tank (sourced from Nascar team)
C+R radiator (sourced from Nextel Cup car)
Setrab oil coolers (sourced from Nextel Cup car)
Mazdacomp waterpump pulley and main pulley
Delphi race alternator (sourced from Nascar team)

Electromotive Tec3r ECU
(3) I.D. 550cc injectors
(3) I.D. 1000cc injectors
(3) 270cc injectors
Aeromotive billet fuel filter
Denso fuel pump
ATL 13 gallon carbon kevlar bladder fuel cell (sourced from Nextel Cup race team)
ATL drybreak quick fill fuel lid. (sourced from Indy race team)

Defined Autoworks custom built aluminum intake
Defined Autoworks custom slide throttle ITB system with external injectors
Defined mechanically actuated semi p-port ITB system (staged in ports, just like vtec in a rotary)
Defined custom inconel race header
Defined custom 3.5″ stainless exhaust with two Borla Xr-1 mufflers

Bride seat
G-force 5-point seatbelts driver and passenger
Safe Racer window nets
RG Bestex race coilovers
reinforced front and rear subframes
Hiem joint trailing arms and toe arms
Defined Autoworks full custom 12-point roll cage
Defined Autowokrs custom carbon fiber dash hood, inserts
Fiberglass Feed front fenders
Fiberglass rear flares
Fiberglass doors
Carbon fiber rear hatch, with FAL plexiglass rear window
Defined Auto custom front splitter
Defined Auto custom carbon fiber rear wing (using Nascar sourced wing struts)
Defined Auto custom LeMans style front projector lights
Painless wiring system throughout chassis
Moroso switch panel system
Odessey mini battery
Full race fire extinguisher system

Brembo 4-piston, full billet monoblock, radial mount, titanium insert pistons front calipers
Performance Friction full floating rotors, with custom machined billet hats to adapt to RX7
Brembo 4-piston, billet, radial mount, titanium inseat piston rear calipers
Performance Friction full floating rotors, custom machined hats to fit RX7
Alcon race pads front and rear
AP Lockheed full pedal assembly, with AP twin brake master cylinders, AP clutch master, CNC reservoirs
Fully adjustable inside cockpit control on the fly for front and rear brake bias
All custom stainless brake lines

Taylor 7lb flywheel
Tilton triple disk 5.5″ race clutch (sourced from Indy car team)
Tilton annular discharge slave cylinder
Rx7 bellhousing with kennedy adapter
T5 g-force dogbox 5-speed transmission
Custom driveshaft
Rx8 rear end with 4.44 gear ratio

Enkei RPF1 – 18×10.5 on all four corners
Hoosier 285/30-18 DOT slicks in front
Hoosier 335/30-18 DOT slicks in rear

Redline @ 10,100 rpm
475 rear wheel horsepower
285 rear wheel torque
2370 lbs without driver

Carlos Lopez, Peter Chhuom, Matt Ripely, Noelle Foor, Seth Morris, Ken Carswell, Mike Fowler, Danny Smith, Sean Callahand, John Cavallo