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Rampage – Trailview Top – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

This is the new Trailview top, from Rampage. It’s a frameless top for your Jeep JKU – meaning that there is no frame/skeleton. It’s great if you have a hard top on your Jeep, but want something more fun for the warmer seasons. The rear & side windows come out in seconds, leaving you with an awesome shaded bikini top for iffy weather, or hot summer days.

best Jeep soft top

BUT – the best & most unique feature of the Rampage Trailview top: is that it has the ability to open/close the top FROM INSIDE THE JEEP! The front-half opens & folds back over the rear… giving you immediate open-air access, while keeping the rear cabin shaded. Opening/closing the Trailview top on your Jeep can be done with one hand from INSIDE the vehicle. IN SECONDS! …At stop signs, red lights, or even low speeds.

Jeep Rampage Trailview top

It’s great if you live in a region where weather can change on a dime, or if you’re gonna be away from the car for a minute, and don’t want the seats baking in the sun. Or if you have a child in the rear seat, and you don’t want them baking in the sun either. It also comes with new, strengthened window/door surrounds; and the vertical piece can (unofficially) be removed if you’re not using doors.

Rampage trail view soft top Jeep

One last thing to note however: since there is no frame, there is no super-quick way to put the top ALL the way down. You get the bikini shade… with the quick-open sunroof.

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Jeep JKU Wrangler best soft top Rampage

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