Text: Wooley // Photos: Frank Bott

If you’ve picked up this magazine, you’ve probably got the tendency to want to screw with stuff – everything you get your hands on, in fact. It’s just what we do. It’s coded somewhere in our DNA. There is no rehab for it, so don’t even bother. Nothing, out of the box, is ever good enough and nothing can, or will, ever be left alone for long. Also, if you’ve picked up this magazine, then you’re probably one to lust for the underdog. Anyone can beat on their chest and proclaim that their V8 is ‘fast’, but some of us are deeply connected to the fact that it takes more than just a posted horsepower number to amuse us. There is an entire spectrum of driving fulfillment, speed, and performance that CANNOT be measured by numbers on paper. It just has to be experienced.


That, to me, hits the essence of the Grom’s appeal, the sportful and timeless excitement of driving/riding. Finding ways to do a lot, with a little. Pushing it to the limit, at will, at any given moment, everyday. Some people totally get it and some will never be able to understand it. That’s ok, that’s all part of the attraction. It’s why the small bikes are really carving out their own spectacular segment in the bike (and import) world… just as the import compact-cars did years ago.


But the important thing to clarify for the import CAR guys out there, who only know a little about the pit bike world… is that the Honda Grom is NOT another Honda Ruckus with a refreshed seating position. They are two completely different animals. Scooter vs. bike, in certain environments, both have…


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