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Jeepin Bubba here with your S3 OFF-ROAD news. Have you guys heard what’s going on at Black Bear Pass? It’s my favorite trail in the United States. So much so, that I even named my shop after it: Black Bear Off-Road.

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The story goes like this: Black Bear Pass has been closed all summer long due to winter debris. There’s still snow up on the mountains there in the San Juan’s in Colorado. And there’s also still a bunch of rockslides & all sorts of stuff that they’ve been trying to clear out. Well, a group of off-roaders got tired of waiting… and went & hand-dug it out. And then announced the trails were “unofficially open”. Problem is: A bunch of them got stuck & required search & rescue.

The local sheriff, and I quote, called them “ass clowns”.

I think it’s pretty funny, but what do you think? Are they punk-rock for getting the trail open & getting it cleaned out? Or are they ass clowns like the sheriff said? In the world of off-roading, sometimes there’s a thin, fine line between heroes & ass clowns lol.

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