BMW let the Z3 / Z4 slip away. But now it seems BMW is putting some genuine purist intentions back into the platform. Get this: The 2024 BMW Z4 M40i will be offered with a manual transmission! The manual trans is made by ZF, and it’s tuned by BMW. So while it’s the same transmission in the 6-speed Supra, it feels different since the Supra is tuned by Toyota. And from what I read on Autoblog, the transmission in the new Z4… feels better. These days, practically any new manual transmission is a victory. 

differences in Z4 with manual transmission

But the manual transmission BMW Z4 improvements don’t stop there…

Because for the new 6-speed Z4, BMW is using the rearend from the M240i – meaning it’s got a torque-vectoring LSD. Upgrades have been made to either the front swaybar and/or reinforced swaybar mounts (not entirely sure if it’s either/or… or ‘both’). Steering has been sharpened for more feel & engagement. And the suspension had been retuned to deliver more potency & less compromise. The new manual-transmission Z4 M40i gets a staggered wheelset with 19-inch wheels in the front & 20s in the rear (with 285/30 tires in back). Engine-wise, everything stays the same with the boosted inline-6 making 382hp. But if you’re anything like me, the icing on this cake is…

z4 6-speed

These improvements are * only available * on the Z4 with the manual transmission…

If you opt for the automatic, you opt out of all previously mentioned performance enhancements. In other words, you’re either committing to the full 3-pedal experience with the new Z4… or you’re buying a retirement roadster for you & your goldendoodle. Heh – it’s good to see BMW kind of acting like the old BMW’ again. Where they unapologetically made real driver’s cars without so much catering to the fragile masses. The manual Z4 M40i will cost about $3,000 over the automatic, which is a bargain considering the upgrades. 

2024 BNW Z4 with manual transmission

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