The Boomba ‘Ultimate Shift Package’ is really a MUST HAVE! Why? Because it’s a complete solution! From the shifter itself, all the way into the engine bay at the shift-cable bracket. A total improvement at every intersection of the shifting experience in these cars. No BS.


The Boomba Ultimate Shift Package will clean up ‘slop’ between gear changes… that you never even noticed you had. Your car will be more impressive, more precise, more engaging, and more action-ready. Shifting will not be any ‘harder’, but the car will clearly have a more mechanical, less numb/airy feel to it. 


When you buy the ‘complete package’, you get the option for up to a 40% reduction in throw! That means you will shift faster. That ALSO means… (if you have a Cobb Accessport)… your flat-foot-shifts at WOT will be insanely quick!  


The ‘complete’ Boomba kit includes:

—The Boomba short shifter

—Boomba solid aluminum shifter-base bushings

—Boomba solid aluminum transmission cable-bracket bushings

—The Boomba transmission adapter plate

All this stuff is designed and MADE right here in the USA. And Boomba Racing has videos and/or step-by-step photographed instructions for each of these pieces online… which REALLY help guide you through the install process without stress or uncertainly. Install took me maybe 3 hours. And that was at a snail’s pace… photographing, answering emails/calls, and eating lunch on the side. 









Fiesta ST – short throw shifter, transmission adapter and both sets of bushings

Focus ST – short throw shifter, transmission adapter and both sets of bushings

2015+ WRX – short throw shifter & transmission plate

S550 Mustang – short throw shifter & shifter assembly bracket

Mk7 GTI – short throw weighted shift knob & transmission adapter

ACT clutch