Break out of your norm. Nothing will give you a burst like switching it up a little. And no sector of a hobby/sport/whatever will ever be as much fun as when you’re a noob & juuuust getting yourself immersed in it. So enjoy that. Soak it up! ENJOY the early infatuation, addiction, and learning obsession. It’s kind of the spice of life, right? A lot of times, social media will steal that from you…

The Google/Facebook/Instagram era puts everything into fast-forward. It’s a double-edge sword, because often it’s social media that exposed you to & sparked the new interest in some way. But then it’s ALSO social media that subsequently kills it by overexposing you. So learn the balance of when to back-out of some social media common-interest pages… and just let the energy build in your heart. 

There needs to remain a hunger. And while exposure is great, overexposure will kill passion & deaden motivation. All the comments you read, they steer your subconscious. Influencers influence more than they should. Be aware. 

should I buy WRX

The above is just a short reflection/thought…

That was spawned off a short conversation I had with a newer buddy at a Christmas party over the weekend. This guy is drawn to older trucks & off-road toys & whatnot… so we have a lot of common ground. But he’s never owned a boosted import type of project. A trade deal has got him looking at the possibility of maybe swapping a big-block engine he’s got, for a bug-eye WRX wagon. He was asking me about the WRX, kind of getting juiced up about the idea of messing with a little turbo car for the first time. 

And I – was kind of riding the fence of sensibility, knowing that the WRX wagon is a little rough, was abused at points in its life… and will probably give him some problems sooner than later. Ya know – just looking out for a friend. But then I thought about it on the the way home, and kind of realized…

I was maybe ‘looking out for him’ in the wrong way.

Yeah the WRX might give him some problems. But this ain’t his first rodeo. Problems are fixable. And it’s not like he’s gotta rely on the WRX to get to work every morning. And amid any headaches it might give him, a WRX very well might open him up to a whole new side of car culture! He might think it’s the freakin’ awesomest thing ever when he rips that first corner like a cat on carpet! And then that whole obsession thing sets in lol. Who the hell would I be to talk him out of that?!

Coincidentally & thankfully – I bumped into him & his family that evening, and laid it on a lot thicker that he should definitely go after that WRX Wagon lol. Why not! The door’s open… bust through it & see what’s there! 

*The title photo is a different WRX Wagon shot by Sam Igel II from a 2019 Issue of S3. Subscribe to the print mag & get a free t-shirt! Yes do it. 🙂

*EDIT 12/8 – He got the car!

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