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Buick has announced that they will be offering a buy out option for any current dealer who is not willing to invest in the changes needed to sell and service electric vehicles. There are currently around 2,000 Buick dealerships in the US and we expect for that number to dwindle with this news.

This news seems a bit premature based on the fact that Buick does not currently have any EV’s on the market yet, as their first is set to be introduced in 2024. This also seems like it might be the next step towards automotive manufacturers selling directly to consumers, and cutting dealers out altogether. Rivian and Tesla already employ this strategy, and traditional manufacturers seemingly want to give it a shot as well.

GM did this same thing in 2020 with Cadillac and ended up shedding about 1/3 of the dealers they had. This will be ongoing news that is part of a much larger story, as we watch out automotive landscape change almost daily.


Buick doesnt even have an EV on the market yet, but they are already offering to buy out any dealer not willing to invest in the EV future of the company. #automotivenews #ev #electricvehicle #buick #gm #cadillac #dealership #tesla #rivian

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