It’s just about impossible to start a wheel company WITHOUT being huge car enthusiasts. Why would you? It’s not the line of work you fall into unless you care… big time. It’s a business venture that’s ultimately spawned by form, function, and passion. Another cool thing about owning a wheel company – is your exposure to all sorts of different cars. A lot of today’s aftermarket companies get super cubby-holed & nichey in the type of people/cars they provide goods & services for. I see it all the time being in media. Business owners get locked into a specific breed of car. And that’s cool in its own right. But wheel companies are different. They get more leeway, more leash, more variety. Wheel companies get deeper exposure to a larger cross-section of cars & events. And they chat with a wider range of people. Ahhhhhhhh and that’s where the inspiration comes in. 

slammed C8

That’s why, when the C8 Corvette came out…

Rohana Wheels was on it like white on rice. The C8 is truly unique, in that it blends some very awesome sub-cultures WITHIN car culture. It’s like a car-culture smoothy… with whiskey in it.

C8 Corvette

Being the first mid-engine Corvette…

The C8 plays with supercars. But being that it’s fairly affordable (before dealer markups at least)… the C8 still has a lot of genuine relatability to it. It’s touchable; and makes the excitement personal. And the C8 has got 7 decades of Corvette Nation behind it. It’s a third muscle car, a third sports car, and a third supercar. You can dress it up, or you can dress it down.

slammed Corvette

Everybody’s got a little bit of Corvette inside of ‘em.

And that’s why the C8 is the perfect ‘company car’ for an aftermarket wheel company to bring anywhere, make friends, & find common ground. As a C8 owner, you can take a little inspiration & influence from from ALL automotive backgrounds… mix it up & throw it all at the C8… and it just works beautifully. As evidenced here – by Rohana’s widebody C8 Corvette. 

bagged Corvette

Text by Wooley   //   Photos by Bailey Neal


car app


lowered C8 Corvette


Rohana RFG23 Trinity Series

•(20×9 front; 20×12.5 rear)•

Pandem widebody kit

Air Lift suspension

IPE exhaust

widebody C8 Corvette

bagged C8

Corvette wide body kit


C8 Corvette

corvette exhaust

tire stickers