~To reach too far, or to get the better (of someone) by cunning.

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~Aggressive pressure or intimidation.


Police State:

~A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.


What part of this is Protecting or Serving?

If approved by California governor Newsome, California will start implementing noise-enforcement cameras as early as January 2023. The concept is just like the speed cameras which have been popping up like cancer across the country. Only these ‘noise cameras’ will measure sound decibels. So in ADDITION to speed cameras, if your vehicle exceeds the noise limit (95db for cars & 80db for motorcycles), you’ll get a ticket in the mail. I’m honestly surprised they’re not just taking your bank routing info, and debiting your account.

Rest assured – this is not about serving, and it’s not about protecting… it’s about revenue generation. And bigger picture, it’s about compliance. This is a robotically enforced police state, nothing less. A sex-trafficer can drive past these cameras with someone’s little girl tied-up up in the trunk… so long as they do it quietly and under the speed limit. That may sound barbarous, but that’s the reality. Where is the line with this continuing overreach?

Read Car & Driver’s article: Smart Cameras to Enforce Loud Exhaust Policy in California Starting in 2023

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If it’s too loud, you’re too old! California is at it again with more taxes and regulations. #sema #exhaust #loudexhaust #ev #california #taxes

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