The stupidity of this story is hard to swallow, but here we go. A California cop pulled a guy over in a 2022 Hyundai Elantra N because the exhaust was too loud.

Funny thing is… the exhaust was bone stock.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that the performance-oriented N-model comes with a Sport Mode that makes the stock exhaust a little bit louder. Just to be clear though, we’re talking about a 2-liter 4-cylinder. Eardrum bursting no doubt.

But trained to never bend/cave to rational thought, evidence, or a quick Google search, the California cop suspended the stock Hyundai Elantra N’s registration on the spot.

The cop informed the owner that the Elantra would have to be sent back to the dealer to remove all the ‘track options’ before it could be registered & driven again. But as mentioned… it was stock. 

The Elantra N was taken back to the dealer to be fixed. But obvious to you & I at this point… there was nothing to fix, because it was stock.

The dealership, a bit confused as well, sent him on his way to a California inspection station with a little doctor’s note saying “Psssst sorry for all the confusion, but this exhaust is like… totally stock.” Please excuse his absence. 

However, the state of California will not reinspect the car until there is proof that the car has been fixed. And alas… there was nothing to fix, because it is stock. 

You know how you fix this problem? Move out of California. But not here please. Sheesh.

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