Project Mu

Automotive insurance is rising at its fastest rate in 47 years. In fact, we are paying on average over 20% more this year than we did in 2023. There is a lot of blame to be spread around here. General inflation, more expensive cars, excessive sensors and tech, more expensive labor and parts, lawsuits all over the place, and more distractions than you can count.

Yet even with all of the additional sensors and tech that are supposed to make driving, better, easier, and safer, we are still having more accidents than ever. So, what the heck is happening here? In my opinion, the solutions that we are coming up with are just flat out not working. We are too busy trying to perfect the automobile itself and to make the car idiot proof, instead of simply putting the responsibility on ourselves to making better drivers. We the people need to take responsibility here. We are piloting big, heavy, and expensive vehicles and we need to start acting like it. The world needs better drivers and that really shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish.


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