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Much like last year’s festival, this year featured 3 fun filled days. If you run out of things to do or see at the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival – it’s your own fault! This year’s event felt even bigger than ever as well as more anticipated. Billboards advertising this years event have been put up across town for months leading up to the festival. If you missed this year’s festival, definitely plan on going next year! In the meantime, here’s our gallery of everything that went on during this year’s event:


West Village

The “hub” of the festival is West Village, where all of the shows & concours happens.


It’s here that you’ll spot some of the world’s most exclusive & expensive cars. Like…

Ferrari 333SP


Tons of Ferraris everywhere you look. Thanks mostly to the folks at Ferrari of Atlanta. Also, special shoutout to Alex from Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. He was there all weekend answering questions and making sure everything Ferrari wise went smooth.

Ferrari F50

2nd year in a row seeing an F50…

F50's & F40

First time seeing TWO side by side.

Ferrari 250 LM

And then there’s this. Out front, one of the most expensive cars I have ever seen. A Ferrari 250 LM. Valued in the neighborhood of 17 million USD.

Ferrari 250 LM Rear

Quite the piece of history.

Pair Of Ferraris

Cool cars everywhere you look

Ferrari 599 GTO

One of my personal favorites was this 599 GTO. Owner was super cool and let me get an in depth look at it. Red carbon accents, burgundy interior. 10/10 spec.

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Officials


The best P-Cars represented all in one place.

Road Legal Porsche 962

Yes, this thing is somehow road legal. With plates.

Porsche 911 Speedster

Only the best Porsches in the world were represented. Good stuff!

Modified Porsche

Water AND air cooled, both represented well.

Porsche Meeting

There were TOO MANY to pick from! But, I loved the simplicity of this one in particular. With the RUF wheels… perfect.

Mecum Chattanooga

Mecum Auctions

Mecum once again returns to Chattanooga! Fun fact, I once worked for one of the sponsors of Mecum. I’ve been to around 20 of these auctions now and the atmosphere is always AMAZING! Highly recommend going to one near you if given the chance.

Holden Maloo R8 LSA

You never know what you’ll find at a Mecum auction! This left hand converted Maloo R8 was one of my favorites!

Shelby Charger

Hadn’t seen one of these in a while! Name that car:

Lamborghini Tractor

And it wasn’t just cars they were selling. Check out this Lamborghini tractor!

Multiple Ford GT's


Here’s a gallery of cars that were featured in the West Village showcase areas. Some stand outs include this modified Ford GT making 600+ HP!

Lamborghini Countach

This Countach was swarmed CONSTANTLY by folks!

Jaguar Project 8

I had the opportunity to go for a ride in this rare Jaguar Project 8. Wild thing!

Jaguar Project 8 Rear

Personally, one of my favorites.

Old School Mini

Everyone say hello to Nick!

Maserati MC20

The new Maserati MC20. After seeing it in this color, I really dig it. This or a C8 Corvette Z06…

Lowrider Impalas

The lowrider community is getting stronger in the area, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Antique Car Motorcar Festival

Excuse me, sir… you CANNOT park there! So cool to see stuff like this running around.

Savoy Museum

Savoy Museum

The folks at the Savoy Museum brought some amazing cars to the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival. It was great getting to meet some of the staff & I cannot wait to make my trip down to Cartersville!

Bob Varsha

Celebrity Sightings

One of the cool things about the Motorcar Festival – you never know who you’ll see!

Patrick Long

Patrick Long was one of the celebrity drivers in attendance. Factory Porsche racing driver – the only CURRENT factory driver from America.


‘EL ZED’ himself was there doing more than just the typical “meet & greet”…

LZ Drifting

Adam LZ Drift Demos

Adam was out on track Friday & Saturday doing drift demos & giving ridealongs!

Adam LZ Drift

The guys at RTR have built some WILD Mustangs!

LZ Drift Smoke

Adam was supplied with TONS of tires, so he shredded through as many as he could! Such a cool experience to see!

LZ Mustang RTR

Even after some suspension mishaps, the RTR guys (plus some locals!) got the car back up & running in no time!

RJ Passing A Ferrari In His E30 BMW

Racing Action!

This is what it’s all about. Historic racing & having a good time watching cars go fast.

Camaro Crash Aftermath

Of course, it’s not all fun & games – it’s racing, after all! Not without its fair share of accidents. This Camaro spun out and hit the wall. The car was back out on track not too much later!

ACI Motorsports Porsche

Double checking the car for damage (it got shunted by a prototype) and then it was back to it.

Lotus Elise Racecar

Here’s one of my favorites. Love the way these cars rev out.

Brabus Smart Car

Here’s the crowd favorite. Yes, a Smart Car. But – a BRABUS Smart Car!


Returning racer from years past. Love the factory color scheme.

Superformance Ford GT40

The plate reads “ENZO WHO?”

Brass Era Racing

The brass era racing was probably my favorite of the weekend. Really takes you back in time.

Close Racing

And these guys are PUSHING these machines!

Prototype Racecar

In stark contrast to todays modern prototype out on the track.

ACI Porsche Artsy Shot

And here’s my favorite photo of the weekend!

RJ Absolutely Flying NYOOOOMM

You have to experience it for yourself. Definitely spectator friendly!

ACI Paddock

All in all, the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival is an amazing event! I highly recommend you get yourself to Chattanooga next year and see it for yourself!

Brass Era Racecars

Besides going across the pond to Goodwood – where else will you be able to see these works of art going around a track?

Lotus In The Pits

Thank you to the fine folks that organize this festival and make it what it is. And thank you to our media relations for having us back for a 2nd year in a row. We are already looking forward to next year!

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Photos & Text by Ben Battles