Chevy announced their withdrawal from the 2022 SEMA Show. So as of now, Ford’s out, Chevy’s out, Honda is questionable (will not be there in their normal capacity), and Hyundai is out. No matter how you try & slice it… it’s not good for The SEMA Show and/or the automotive aftermarket industry. (Watch below…)

I understand we’re coming off bad years full of supply chain issues. And I also understand SEMA has been making their own bed in a sense… being difficult to work with & inflexible towards exhibitors who sat out last year for covid health concerns. But regardless – it’s supposed to be the anchor, leading brands like Ford, Honda, and GM that pull the aftermarket through in times like these, and guide us back on track. It’s absolutely astounding to me how LITTLE the aftermarket industry is doing to protect… the aftermarket industry. 

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