A small, Chik-Fil-A hosted benefit show brought out the diversity of our culture for The Believe Foundation. The foundation provides financial, emotional and spiritual support to kids, siblings and families affected by childhood cancer. Not your typical lot show, I got to see some badass, interesting, and just wild builds you wouldn’t expect from a smaller show. Being a family show for a good cause and good chicken for $25 entry, I couldn’t help checking it out.

The restored and modern muscle was probably the most prominent presence in the lot. More notably older pick-ups. There’s something about them that I just love. The exaggerated bubble fenders in contrast with the sharp edge bed give them such a balance yet demanding presence. The architecture behind each line on these just shares the artistry we don’t see as much of these days.

Among the more wild builds, this grounded Blazer S10 could easily slide under your country clubs security barrier. Seeing tire tread level with the top head of the V8 isn’t something you see every day. Believe it or not, Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. was also present. The entire time, kid’s hovered around it having full conversations with it. K.I.T.T could legitimately understand select questions and variation, as well as respond accordingly.

I always enjoy staying behind beyond the end of a show. You can usually catch a few newly acquired friends as they chat about their crazy experiences and pain-in-the-ass builds. It’s these moments where I find the best part of our culture. The part that doesn’t rust or break. Rather, the part that will outlive your build and feed your soul with those connections that keep you active in the culture.